As a homeowner in Las Cruces, you wouldn’t be alone if you’re considering a new roof – many have already made the decision to update their residential property and take advantage of new roofing innovations. Corona’s Plastering is an industry leader in home roofing and have completed shingle, metal, slate, and other material roofs for many satisfied clients.

What separates Corona’s Plastering from the pack is our commitment to staying on top of roofing trends and being able to implement them. Whether you need a seamless skylight installation or a full, professional shingle installation, we know exactly how to handle the specifics of your job. Following an on-site visit, we’ll give a written estimate for all the services needed to bring your roof into the modern age.

With any roofing installation or repair job, Corona’s Plastering aims to deliver both added attractiveness as well as enhanced protection. Leaks and other issues can slowly deteriorate the integrity of your home, but our roofing experts can stop the damage in a cost-effective manner.

Call Corona’s Plastering at 575-639-0683 to discuss all the different roofing options to revive the beauty of your home.



Many Las Cruces stucco repair firms will simply patch the problem by patching over the damaged area. Corona’s Plastering offers a different approach – instead of treating only the visible symptom, our trained team will look deeper to find out what’s causing the issue in the first place. Our stucco repair job will be a long-term solution that addresses both cause and effect.

Corona’s Plastering is your one-stop Las Cruces stucco company for all repairs. When we’re done, your ceiling will look as good as new. When you’re tired of seeing the same issue day after day, call us at 575-639-0683 to set up a repair visit.



Corona’s Plastering is available for every step of the process, from planning and color choices to cleaning up spotlessly after the job is done, Corona’s Plastering provides everything you need to change worn-down interiors into spaces that once again feel clean and appealing. We use top of the line paints and our employees are well aware of how to combine their talents with the best materials to make indoor magic with the following services:

-Paint color and design consultation
-Wall and ceiling painting
-Wall washing and preparation
-Gap caulking
-Furniture protection
-Crown molding and trim painting
-Kitchen and bathroom painting
-Full walk-through to meet customer expectations

Cosmetically speaking, nothing changes the feeling of a home more than an interior painting project. Whether it’s just a single den or every room in the house, the difference is immediate and you’ll wonder why you waited so long to renovate. Also, interior painting expenses are much lower than many people believe – with our industry connections and bulk-buying practices, hiring us could even end up being cheaper than trying to do the job yourself, especially when your own personal time commitment is considered.

What you might not know is that interior painting also has a whole host of positive effects unrelated to appearance. Adding a high quality layer of paint to your bathroom or kitchen can help reduce humidity, thus getting rid of potentially dangerous mold and bacteria. Along with safety, interior painting can also decrease your utility costs as well. Freshly painted interior walls not only look better, but they also have a cooling effect that can lower your energy consumption and monthly utility bills.



Maintaining your Las Cruces property can sometimes seem like a nightmare. You need one company for driveway repairs, another for fence installation, and yet another if you want to do a kitchen remodel. At Corona’s Plastering, we’re a jack of all trades firm and an expert at all of them, including general contracting. Whether you need help nailing down all the finer points of your plans or want a true design-build firm to take care of everything, we’re your local choice for a wide range of general contracting services. Check out this list for an idea of what we do:

-Interior remodeling
-Kitchen remodeling
-Bathroom remodeling
-Commercial build-outs
-Driveway repairs
-Window replacement
-Fence installation and maintenance
-Design consultation

Heat and humidity in Las Cruces can make for some tricky property improvements, but Corona’s Plastering has been active in the area for years and we know all about the challenges that face local jobs like interior remodeling and window replacement. Hiring us means you have a professional partner that will make sure your improvements and repairs increase the long-term value of your property.

Always armed with impeccable knowledge and a smiling face, the Corona’s Plastering team will arrive at the appointed time, complete the work efficiently, and leave a clean job site that thoroughly exceeds your expectations.

For any general contracting task, give Las Crucesg a call at 575-639-0683 for a free visit and cost estimate.

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